About Radhey Jewels

Fostered on a legacy of over two decades, Radhey Jewels is a third-generation jewellery and gem-stone business which incapsulates the essence of delicacy and precision in its most devoted sense.

Our Journey

First established in Jaipur Johri under the moniker of Shri Radhey Shaam Ji Jaipur Wale, the brand expanded its spheres across the country starting with Meerut, where it came to be known as Amarjyoti Diamonds, and then to Delhi, with its first ever retail store in Chandni Chowk, which is a confluence of India’s rich cultural heritage. The brand, as it stands today, has evolved as a supplier to established retail and wholesale businesses, and exports to countries like Bahrain, US and Singapore.

About the Team

Under the guidance of Mr. Kailash Kumar Agarwal, Mr. Abhishek Agarwal, the third-generation connoisseur, took Radhey Jewels to inexplicable heights. He shared a familial passion for jewellery, and was acquainted with the business at a very young age. His early days of childhood resonated with clinking tools carving precious metal. His acquired taste for jewellery along with his aptitude for business was just the right fit for Radhey Jewels, and led the business to where it stands today.

Mrs. Neha Agarwal was also gifted with the same natural flair, and is a certified professional from GIA. Her polished taste in jewellery, in addition to her formal education as a gemmologist, has long established her credibility for her work and talent. Every piece of stone that is ever picked by Radhey Jewels, is scrutinized meticulously for its quality and detail.

The brand aims to build a client experience which is personal, and is based on trust.

Brand Philosophy

Today, the Radhey Jewels heirloom is known internationally for its craftsmanship, elegance and timeless pieces of art. Each design manufactured at Radhey Jewels is a mark of its meticulosity and commitment. The brand is dedicated towards curating an experience of luxury and aesthetics to ensure the finest of quality.